Executive psychology

Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.

– Leonardo da vinci

Throughout my life I have evolved. Without doing so, I would have stagnated. I would have failed at the game of life.

Born as a male with a genetic disease that kills the retina over an undeterminable period of time, with no regularity or predictability, I have learnt to constantly adapt. Of course, I do not get things right all of the time! Yet i pride myself on being able to reflect, sometimes forecast upcoming challenges, and adjusting my course as necessary.

When I left school at the age of 16 I went into accountancy. A perfect career for someone going blind. I could sit at a desk and adapt to my eyesight when I needed to do so. After 10 years, coming to the end of my studies, I realised that this was not a world I wanted to be in. I love some aspects of business, yet i had a desire to become a psychologist. Initially thinking it was impossible, I left school at the age of 16! Then finding out it was possible, I invested the next 7 years of my life to doing something that would give me that real sense of vitality. I am now a Chartered Psychologist and have not regretted the move.

I have been running a very successful private practice in Guernsey since 2015 and recently made the move to London. My clients have been automobile executives, bankers, private equity CEOs, entrepreneurs, house building executives, lawyers, and suchlike. I have supported clients through stressful periods, through sales of parts of their business, through life changes, and making difficult decisions.

I have branded this Executive Psychology, and because I am a psychologist I bring more to the table than someone that has completed a 1 week coaching course. I am able to help clients to formulate the issue, see it from a different angle, and support them on their journey up their mountain towards the peak. Should traumas or psychological challenges raise their heads during our work together, I can support you in working through them. I have taken referrals from coaches in the past when they have become stuck when psychological challenges appear during their work with a client. I admit, I would rather a coach do that, than work outside their sphere of competence. It takes skill and competence to say “go see x to work through this”.

By working with me we create a team. We work together to facilitate change.

If you are willing to invest in yourself, willing to put in effort, and willing to dedicate a period of time to making necessary changes in your life, then contact me today to discuss developing the right coaching package for you.